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assignment_turned_in Tax refund from Norway

The tax office in Norway starts sending out pre-filled tax returns in late March and early April. You have until the end of April to verify and make changes to your tax return. If you don't submit your tax return, the tax office will automatically settle your tax without taking allowances into account, usually to your disadvantage.

If you know that you will not be able to submit your tax return on time (e.g. you do not have attachments that you have to select from the Polish tax office), then you can apply for an extension of the tax return deadline until the end of May. The only condition is that the late return must be submitted electronically via

A tax refund depends on your situation, the amount of tax you have withheld and your income during the tax year. If you want to know how much tax refund you are entitled to, you can always get a free estimate from us before signing an agreement. Such a calculation will give you certainty that if you settle accounts with our company, you can count on a good tax result.