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assignment_turned_in Tax refund from Belgium

To be able to apply for a tax refund from Belgium, you must have a tax card (Fische), which is provided by your employer - no later than the end of April of the following year. The settlement procedure for unregistered persons related to a tax refund from Belgium begins in the autumn of the year following the year of work. During this period, each taxpayer will receive a settlement form. You then submit the correctly completed form to the Belgian tax office. The waiting time for a tax refund for work in Belgium is about 6 months. You will receive the tax overpayment to your bank account in Poland or Belgium. Remember that the waiting time may be longer - up to 12 months. This is because the Belgian tax office must take into account various factors, such as the amount of earnings, place of work, family situation and any tax reliefs you are entitled to.

At the PERFEKT Accounting Office, we help you complete all the necessary documents for settlement.