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assignment_turned_in Settlement of PIT Tax Returns

PERFEKT Accounting Office provides services in the field of settlement of annual PIT tax returns. The annual settlement is required to be submitted by all natural persons who obtained income taxed with personal income tax in the tax year.

With us you will settle your PIT over the Internet without leaving your home!

We prepare tax returns for all taxpayers, you do not need to have a permanent cooperation agreement signed with us.

We settle PITs both traditionally and via the Internet.

Settlement of the annual tax return via the Internet

  1. Send us the documents by e-mail to
  2. We will check the correctness and completeness of the documents, and in case of any irregularities we will contact you.
  3. If everything is OK, we'll prepare your annual statement.
  4. When the tax return is ready, we will notify you by e-mail, and after receiving the payment, we will send you the completed annual statement in PDF format.

At the client's request, it is also possible to send the annual tax return on his behalf to the Tax Office by e-mail.

List of required documents and information for the preparation of the annual tax return:

  • PIT-11, PIT-40, PIT-8C information received from the employer
  • a copy of the tax return for the previous year (in the case of carrying over the allowances from previous years)
  • information entitling to discounts, including: Internet expenses, number of minor children