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assignment_turned_in Tax refund from Germany

You can apply for a tax refund from Germany up to 4 years back.

The basis for applying for a tax refund from Germany is a document issued by the employer - LOHNSTEUERBESCHEINIGUNG.

You can submit a tax return individually or with your spouse.

The billing process usually takes 3 to 6 months.

The German tax settlement is obligatory when:

  • you worked for several employers
  • one of the spouses has tax class III, and the other spouse has lived outside Germany or has tax class V or VI
  • your income has exceeded the tax-free amount and your employer has not paid withholding tax
  • you have had an income of more than EUR 10 700 and the Lohnsteuerbescheiningung has the amounts entered in items 17 or 20
  • you run a business
  • you are a pensioner
  • you were receiving social welfare benefits in Germany, eg unemployment, sickness
  • you have received a summons


We can include the following costs in the declaration:

  • commuting - can only be deducted if the distance between home and work was more than 20 km
  • running a double household - available to people who, due to their professional situation, bear the costs of living in Germany and traveling between Poland and Germany
  • work tools, workwear, specialist literature, employee courses

The above costs must be borne by the taxpayer and confirmed by bills / invoices, and in the case of commuting, the meter and mileage are also required.